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PTO Election News


All applications have been received and the Nominations and Elections Committee is currently reviewing.  Once nominees have been approved by the NEC all applicants will be contacted with a formal nomination at which time the election ballot will be open to the general membership of the Bradley PTO.  Please stay tuned for the link to the voting ballot.

Bradley’s PTO board is excited you have shown interest in becoming a full-time volunteer to support the efforts of our school community!

Below you will find the job descriptions for each of the positions up for nomination in the 2020 election.   Please review each position carefully and keep in mind these are brief descriptions and in no way can cover all the duties and responsibilities that come along with each role.

You can complete your application for nomination by completing this form to the best of your abilities.  All applications must be received no later than March 25, 2020 at which point the nomination committee will review all applications and call for any necessary interviews.

Elections will take place during our April General PTO Meeting on April 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM; you must be present to cast your vote.  During this meeting each candidate will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the General membership, any “write-in” candidates will also be accepted at this time.  Write-In candidates may be called in for follow up interviews with the nomination committee if necessary.

The 2020-21 school year Executive PTO Board will be presented during our May meeting to be held on May 6, 2020 @ 10:00 AM!

Position Descriptions

The President
The primary responsibility of the president is to manage the overall goals and strategies of the PTO and leading the PTO board in moving forward to achieve those goals.  To lead the annual community fundraising campaign and act as the liaison between the executive board, parents, and the school administrators and staff. The president serves as a guide to support all officers and is responsible for overall PTO budget supervision.  The president is an ex-officio member of all offices and committees. 

The primary responsibility of the vp is to assist the president in the coordination of assignments between committees and serve as a liaison between committee chairs and the executive board.  The VP oversees and directs the Hospitality Committee’s activities as well as all special event committees formed throughout the year. The VP will also assist in any other tasks as set forth by the president.  

Hospitality Chairperson
Under the supervision of the VP, the Hospitality committee will coordinate teacher appreciation events throughout the year, as well as cater and/or plan any additional requests made by school administration.  The hospitality committee will also be involved in all events and activities hosted by the PTO where food will be prepared, sold or distributed.

The primary responsibility of the treasurer is to receive and accurately maintain all PTO monies in accordance with the approved annual budget.  The treasurer will keep accurate records and permanent books of all PTO finances. The treasurer will update the executive board and the general PTO membership on a monthly basis as well as prepare and compile the necessary documents for audits and year-end tax documents for filing with the IRS and CISD.  

Director of Fundraising
The primary responsibility of the Director of Fundraising is to coordinate all school fundraising events and activities along with the help of the Community Events Chairperson.  They will also work closely with the President to secure sponsors for events and work with the Director of PTO Services to organize volunteers for fundraising related events and activities.  

Community Event Chairperson
Under the supervision of the Director of Fundraising the Community Event Chairperson (Programs Coordinator) will be responsible for community events such as Spirit Nights and Discount Programs with our community partners.  (Spirit Nights, Kroger Community Rewards, Amazon Smile Program, etc..)

Director of PTO Services
The primary responsibility of the Director of PTO Services is to coordinate activities focused on increasing PTO membership and parental involvement in PTO activities.  The Director of PTO Services will organize and maintain the membership database to connect parents to volunteer and in-kind donation opportunities. The Director of PTO Services is responsible for ensuring that all necessary volunteer opportunities are adequately staffed.  

Director of Classroom Activities
The primary responsibility of the Director of CRA is coordinating programs and volunteers to support the academic enrichment, character development, health and welfare of our students.  The CRA will guide Classroom Coordinators to ensure timely execution of all activities. All activities must adhere to all allocated budgets for which the Director of Fundraising is responsible for managing.  

Classroom Coordinator Chairperson
Under the supervision of the Director of CRA the CRC will be responsible for coordinating with teachers and classroom parents with regards to classroom activities, events and volunteer opportunities.  CRC’s may be responsible for one grade levels or several grade levels depending on the needs of the program. 

The primary responsibility of the secretary is to attend all executive board and general membership meetings to take minutes, forward to the board for approval and distribute them as required.  The secretary will prepare sign-in sheets for all meetings and maintain a complete file of all agenda, approved minutes and materials distributed at any official PTO meeting. The Secretary will oversee all social media promotions, website enhancements and the yearbook committee.